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Level-Premium Self-Funded Medical Coverage with Referenced Based Pricing
(and networks if you want them)

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Level-Premium Self-Funding Means Heads You Win. Tails You Don’t Lose.


Fully-Insured Coverage

With traditional fully-insured coverage, employers pay carriers a lump sum. Premiums stay level (adjusted for hires and termination).
When claims are less than expected the carrier keeps the difference.


Fixed-Cost Self-Funded

With level-premium self-funded medical plans, employers still pay a lump sum. Premiums stay level (adjusted for hires and terminations)
When claims are less than expected, however, employers get the difference.

Reference Based Pricing Reduces Costs Without Networks

(Unless you want them)

Reference Based Pricing

RBP plans save employers money. It’s really that simple. That’s because with RBP plans there are no networks. Instead, providers payments are fixed as a percentage of what Medicare pays. Patient advocacy services minimize and avoid balance billing through negotiations and education.

Networks if You Want Them

Not ready to go full RBP yet? The Secure Plans gives you options. Add a network of physicians through 6 Degrees Health who have agreed to accept our RBP pricing. Or go with a full, nationwide PPO network covering all medical treatments and services through Cigna.

Winning with the Protect Plans

The Secure Plans: A Different Kind of Health Care Coverage

The Secure Plans deliver all the value of a level-premium, self-funded plan. Then we deliver more. We offer Refund Assisters to help make members healthier and to help make a refund more likely. We add a Reference Based Pricing approach that saves employers even more. Our goal is simple: help improve the health and well-being of employees and the financial health of of employers.

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Once you’re enjoying the benefits of the Secure Plans, brokers, employers and employees will have access to online tools
so they get the most out of the coverage and maximize health care savings.