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Savings Simplified

RBP and Refund Assisters reduce premiums and increase refund opportunities



Experienced administrator and stop-loss carriers mean your in good hands


Optional Networks

Supplement or replace RBP with a PPO featuring Cigna’s nationwide network.

Sample Summaries of Benefits (2024 SBCs):

  • Secure 500 Co-Pay    (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure 1000 Co-Pay  (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure 2000 Co-Pay  (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure 3000 Co-Pay  (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure 4000 Co-Pay  (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure 5000 Co-Pay  (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure HSA 3500       (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure HSA 4000       (RBP / PPO)
  • Secure HSA 5000       (RBP / PPO)


Underwriting Guidelines




    Referenced Based Pricing

    The Secure Plans use Referenced  Based Pricing (RBP).  Insureds may use any physicians or facilities as RBP plans have no medical networks (they do have pharmacy networks). Instead, health care providers reimbursed are based on a specified target. This is usually a percentage of Medicare (for example, 120%). The Secure Plans partner with 6 Degrees Health to provide patient education and advocacy services. These work with insureds and providers to help minimize and avoid balance billing.