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With administration by Group Resources and stop-loss through A.M. Best-rated A carriers.



Because all of our PPO plans are backed by quality, national networks.


Refund Assisters™

Our unique Refund Assisters™  help employees improve their health and employers their costs.

Referenced Based Pricing

The standard Secure Plans are PPOs. They provide higher benefits when you seek services from an in-network provider, but still provides some coverage for out-of-network treatment and services. You can also choose Referenced  Based Pricing (RBP) or Value Based Pricing (VBP) plans. These plans either have no network at all or offer a network only for physicians and not facilities like hospitals. When there is no network, providers are reimbursed on a percentage in excess of what Medicare reimburses them or a similar method.

The Secure Plans provides employees and their dependents with patient advocacy to protect them against surprise costs, Companies may choose either ClaimsDOC or 6 Degrees Health. Both help you minimize balance billing and educate patients and providers about RBP payments before claims are incurred. The collateral below (some of which are samples that will be sent to employees) explain their services.